Ensure your software behaves in a deterministic way, does not crash whatever the inputs & is immune from security flaws, while reducing validation efforts

Exhaustive static analysis to harden C and C++ source code

TrustInSoft Analyzer is the most exhaustive C/C++ code analyzing tool

 Mathematically guarantee C/C++ code quality and maximize code security and safety

Supercharging existing unit tests to detect more bugs than standard tests

Generalizing tests to exhaustively detect all C/C++ language vulnerabilities

Checking functional implementation to ensure program behaviors are compliant with their specifications

TrustInSoft is not your usual source code analyzer

TrustInSoft Analyzer goes deeper than any other static analyzer by focusing on the semantics of the code, rather than syntax. By doing so, the analysis is mathematically rigorous and much more exhaustive, uncovering even the most hidden bugs. TrustInSoft Analyzer is the result of more than 15 years of R&D and is recognized by international regulatory bodies.

Exhaustivity in finding bugs

Even the most hidden and difficult-to-detect flaws are caught thanks to mathematical methods.

Reduced time-to-market

Bugs are identified and corrected in the early development process for faster product time-to-market.

Reduced code verification costs

TrustInSoft Analyzer drastically cuts the code verification cost and time during the quality assurance process.

Integration with DevOps and CI/CD

Blends in seamlessly with the company software development cycle.

Instant productivity

Incremental approach in code analysis allows to quickly find the first bugs and progress to exhaustivity.

Reduce certification efforts

Helps achieve bug-free code compatible with coding standards (CERT-C) and industry standards (ISO26262, DO178, IEC61508 etc.)

Introducing TrustInSoft Analyzer

Our users are using TrustInSoft Analyzer to develop safe and secure products

TrustInSoft provides a highly advanced static analyzer along with a friendly GUI. Its efficient technical support is a key point in the success of our software analysis.


Grégory de la Grange

Verifying source code by static analysis, in complement to our collaboration with traditional dynamic analyses, is one of the promising means to build even more trustworthy applications. It is expected to increase confidence and resilience, and reduce total development cost by lowering the rework, during further development phases.

Dassault Aviation

Bruno Stoufflet

At EasyMile, we are fully aware of the responsibility we have for designing safe and secure autonomous vehicles. Part of this relies on making sure that the code base is bug-free and devoid of flaws used for several types of cyberattacks. TrustInSoft’s solution is an obvious answer because it greatly increases the confidence in our code by providing necessary proofs.


Alexandre Hamez

TrustInSoft Analyzer combines three methodologies to help developers write safe & bug-free code

Supercharging existing tests

With TrustInSoft Analyzer, developers can interpret their existing tests. As this is the most perfect sanitizer ever, all undefined behaviors are caught. Additionally, developers can visualize results in a user interface similar to an interactive debugger with the ability to navigate back and forth in the execution. They can easily understand the bugs and find their precise root cause to correct them.

Generalizing tests for exhaustive input coverage

By propagating a tremendously vast set of values through the execution tree, all program states are explored. The tests allow an exhaustive analysis of the source code and absolutely all undefined behaviors are detected.

Functional specification and verification

TrustInSoft Analyzer ensures that implemented software matches the specifications in order to deliver a formal proof on safety/security properties of the source code.

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